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voucher api

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AWS Certification Exam Vouchers

Coupons Apis. If your favorite API or SDK is missing or you have an idea for contributing content, be sure to check our guidelines for making such contributions to ProgrammableWeb. Coupon features include unlimited Coupons REST v1. It works for both single- and multiple-use coupons. This API is currently in beta.

API Getting Started

One The Talon. One API integrates promotion engine features including referrals, coupons, discounts, and loyalty programs. The Integration endpoint enables users to create customer profiles, track actions Monetization REST v0. You can run any types of promotional campaigns, using coupons, loyalty points, customers behavioral information, etc. With our flexible rules engine Marketing REST v1.

These deals come from a variety of sources to ensure that there are options appropriate The API is used to sync product inventory, to find rebates where utility programs are active, and to deliver fast and simple Energy REST v2. It is an increments redemption counter and updates history of the voucher.

It is designed for client side integration and is accessible only through public keys.

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The Coupon API gets coupons from affiliated programs. REST v1. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Coupons. The Talon. The OfferDaddy API returns monetization features like coupons, surveys, videos, and tasks data to implement into mobile applications.

REST v0. Vouchery is a coupon and promotion automation API. The Discount API allows developers to include interesting local deals and discounts in their app or website. REST v2. Voucherify Track Custom Event Client. Voucherify Redeem Voucher Client. Voucherify Validate Voucher Client.Almost all VoucherCart endpoints require authorization using the JWT token, which is expected to be included in all API requests to the server in a header that looks like the following:.

Authorization header should be comprised of a baseencoded combination of staff member's email login and password separated by a colon.

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Sample header may look like this: Authorization: Basic base64 concat login, :, password. JWT token can be used as authorization key which should be added to Authorization header. JWT technique uses short-lived tokens, which means that the JWT will be valid only for a short duration 1 day after authentication.

With refresh tokens your application may delay expiration of the session. In the next refresh request you cannot use refreshToken which have been already used.

In general: Codes in the 2xx range indicate success.

voucher api

Codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that failed given the information provided e. Codes in the 5xx range indicate an error with VoucherCart's servers.

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You can expand multiple objects at once by identifying multiple items in the expand[] array. Many objects contain the ID or a list of IDs of a related object s in their response properties. For example, an Order has associated Payment IDs. Those objects can be expanded inline with the expand request parameter. Objects that can be expanded are noted in this documentation. This parameter is available on all API requests, and applies to the response of that request only.

VoucherCart API v2. List object containing Category objects. List object containing Redeem Location objects. List object containing Voucher objects.

Integrate Voucher, Coupon, and Discount Code Solutions

Successful response code contains Location header with URL to the created resource. List object containing Order objects. List object containing Refund objects.

API v2. The Profile object Attribute Type Description email string E-mail address of the staff member fullName string Full name id integer ID of the staff member object locale string Language code used by staff member Refresh token JWT technique uses short-lived tokens, which means that the JWT will be valid only for a short duration 1 day after authentication.

Starts with RT letters. Error response body often contains additional details.After you have set up all your control information, established your PeopleSoft Payables control hierarchy, and entered approved suppliers in the system, you are ready to enter vouchers into the system. This section discusses one method of entering vouchers into the system: using the online Voucher component. The pages in this component are the equivalent of electronic voucher forms on which you can record invoice information from your suppliers in the PeopleSoft Payables database.

You can also quickly copy line item information from purchase orders and receivers from PeopleSoft Purchasing tables.

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This section discusses:. Voucher process flow. Voucher life cycle. Voucher styles. Voucher validation. Voucher session defaults. Processing that is initiated by the Voucher component. The following flowchart illustrates the processing routes that a voucher can follow. It includes optional stages of voucher processing, such as creating control groups and applying matching rules to approve a voucher.

voucher api

Vouchers go through several stages from initial entry to payment to posting. PeopleSoft Payables tracks these stages using various statuses for the following status types that relate to various actions and processes that can be run on a voucher:.

This table illustrates the values for each voucher status, before and after processing:. When you first enter a voucher into PeopleSoft Payables, it has an entry status of Open. When you save the voucher for the first time, the system validates the input with information that is provided by default from the control hierarchy to ensure correct entries. If the voucher passes all validations, it goes into a Postable state.

If one or more of the validations fail, a couple of events can happen. For some edits, the system does not allow you to save the voucher until the error condition is corrected. For example, if you do not enter a date on the voucher header, you cannot save the voucher.

For other edits, you can choose less restrictive error handling, such as Recycle, which lets you save the voucher. However, you cannot post or pay the voucher until you correct the error.Simply extract readyVoucher. Please remove this folder if you want to uninstall readyVoucher. Copy files is this folder if you want to transfer voucher definitions to other machine.

You can export this key from a working system and import in other computer to transfer general configurations to other machine. You can view a video tutorial here. This is a step by step guide to configure your MikroTik router and readyVoucher.

This tutorial begins with the router reset to default values. In about 13 minutes the hotspot is fully configured and ready for use. Mikrotik routers offer two ways to manage user access to the hospot network: regular hotspot and user-manager. Both options offer some benefits and drawbacks. Basically user-manager is an embedded radius server, installed freely as a module, that allow user creation based on configured profiles.

User-manager is able to control user expiration automatically. Alternatively, you can create users directly in the hotspot user list. These users are created with a profile but user expiration is not managed automatically. Starting from readyVoucher version 2.

If you are planning a new hotspot, it is very important to know the advantages and disadvantages of both options to select the most appropriate way to implement your hotspot. Our general advice is to use hotspot users on license levels L4 and L5, and user-manager on license levels L3 and L6.

Always use user-manager if you want session logging or you want to activate the vouchers on first login. Always use hotspot users if you don't want to do a regular database maintenance and if you print the voucher under customer demand. Please note that you can use both systems simultaneously: you can use user-manager vouchers for pre-printed vouchers and sell hotspot vouchers under customer demand. Some RouterOs versions do not logout automatically users when voucher expires. This means that users can access Internet with an expired account up to the next login.

To enable them, open WinBox and open "Radius" option from menu. Click "Incoming" button, enable "Accept" checkbox and select port Select your router and find "Radius incoming". Check CoA support and put port By default user name and password are both set to blank values. You can customize these parameters in the Setup window.

Enter your authentication data and click Setup button to configure parameters or Login to start generating vouchers. If you lost your user name or password, click the button located at the left of login user and password fields and select Reset authentication data from menu. Warning: API user name and password will be reset too. This window is used to generate users and print vouchers.

Select user profile from the left list, insert number of vouchers and click Generate. User-manager profiles are automatically retrieved from mikrotik router. To edit or create new user-manager profiles please use mikrotik user-manager web application.AWS Certifications help you motivate your team and identify skilled professionals.

Exam vouchers make it easy to certify your team. Purchase online anytime, and then use a self-service portal to efficiently distribute, track, and manage standard exam vouchers. Give candidates the convenience of using a voucher to pay for their exam. Xvoucher handles your personal information as described in the Xvoucher Privacy Policy. To learn more about Xvoucher, read the FAQs below. Watch short videos to learn how to purchase and distribute vouchers for a small team.

Or, see how voucher purchasing and management works for large teams. AWS Certification exam vouchers are ideal for those who need to certify a group of individuals. They eliminate the need for individuals to pay for and expense the cost of AWS Certification exams. There are no minimums or maximums.

Vouchers cannot be extended past their expiration date. Exams registrations must be scheduled, paid for, and taken before the exam voucher expiration date. Xvoucher is a learning exchange system for selling and tracking a diverse set of learning products from many providers.

Mengatasi Log Mikrotik Login Failure via API

With the launch of a second certification exam delivery provider, AWS Training and Certification sought to provide our customers and exam candidates with a centralized, self-service portal to efficiently purchase, distribute, track, and manage vouchers valid for all AWS Certification exams for use at a Pearson VUE or PSI exam delivery center worldwide.

Yes, exam vouchers can be resold. To get set up with tax-exempt status, submit the required information via a support ticket to Xvoucher. The new AWS Certification exam voucher marketplace is hosted by a third-party company, Xvoucher, and provides a self-service portal to efficiently purchase, distribute, track, and manage vouchers valid for all AWS Certification exams for use at Pearson VUE or PSI testing center worldwide.

AWS does not sell exam vouchers directly to customers and partners. Get started by selecting the Buy exam vouchers now button above. You can purchase AWS Certification exam vouchers by level for any corresponding exam ; you do not have to specify the exam.

Choose Foundational-level, Associate-level, and Professional-level or Specialty exam vouchers. You cannot buy practice exam or beta exam vouchers through Xvoucher. When purchasing vouchers, you have two main choices: exam level and the exam delivery provider option. Exam level : AWS Certification exam vouchers are sold by level for any corresponding exam ; you do not have to specify the specific exam.

Choose from Foundational-level, Associate-level, and Professional-level or Specialty. Review the exams for each level and purchase the corresponding voucher s for the exam level s you need. There is no minimum or maximum. Customer purchases are only limited based on available funds, such as a credit card limit or bank account balance for wire transfers. Payments via credit card and wire require the one-time acceptance of an online click-wrap agreement with Xvoucher.

While prices are shown in USD, credit card purchases can be settled in 65 local currencies listed below and are subject to all required taxes and fees.By using the APIyou can for example:.

Register here and get started today! This documentation is intended for publishers. If you are an advertiser, please go to the advertiser documentation. Signing up for an account takes approximately 2 minutes by filling out this form. The domain api. Generally, all services in Tradedoubler APIs use the matrix syntax.

However, top level and service irrelevant information is sent as regular URL parameters.

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Usually, these are token and jsonp. If you specify. The jsonp key's value becomes the callback funcation name. JSONP callback function argument definitions:.

Get all vouchers that are active at least till xmas eve in JSON :. Get 10 vouchers from the second page matching the word "free" in XML :. Click to fetch vouchers! This is the function that is called when the button is clicked. When an error occurs in the APIwe try to describe the problem in detail.

Other than the above, you can get generic HTTP errors. These are described here by W3C. By using the APIyou can for example: Dynamically access fresh voucher code information. Automate the process of updating voucher codes on your site. Match voucher codes against content on your site. Build rich banner widgets with voucher code information. Allow advertisers to create custom vouchers for you. If you get more items than pageSize, you can use this key to specify which page you want returned.

For example, if you get results and pageSize is 10, setting page to 2 will get you products Enter an ISO code to filter on language. The result JSON as an evaluated javascript object.

If the offer has a specific landing page, its URL will be presented here. It is also amended to defaultTrackUri.Discount codes are an optimal means of enticing your visitor to close. Additionally, the fonts worked great online, but we had to build an image of them dynamically for email. Voucher, discount and coupon codes are often abused, so a platform for tracking them is essential. Two systems were recently discussed in an email forum I belong to:.

For those of you that would want to develop a robust solution and integrate it internally, Voucherify offers a robust API to enter, track, and redeem coupon codes from any source. Robust SDKs are all available. Google announced that their applicant tracking system, Google Hire, will shut down. Compare and evaluate popular alternatives to GoogleHire and find the best system for your business.

Download Now. Douglas Karr is the founder of the Martech Zone and recognized expert on digital transformation. Doug is a Keynote and Marketing Public Speaker.

voucher api

He's the VP and cofounder of Highbridgea firm specializing in assisting enterprise companies to digitally transform and maximize their technology investment utilizing Salesforce technologies.

Hi Douglas, thanks for listing us. You must log in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Two systems were recently discussed in an email forum I belong to: iVoucher — Voucher Marketing Platform iVoucher allows you to fully manage and deploy all your voucher, coupon and discount codes from a single, hosted platform.

Create Vouchers — Build attractive vouchers automatically optimized for email, web, social and mobile using their user interface. Publish Vouchers — Publish vouchers across multiple channels simultaneously to achieve maximum reach. Capture Data — Data captured through branded landing pages allows you to easily manage customer relationships from within the platform.

Redeem Vouchers — Redeem vouchers securely in real-time, online and in store. Reporting — Comprehensive reporting functionality means you can capture and manage every customer interaction with your vouchers. Voucherify — Voucher Marketing API For those of you that would want to develop a robust solution and integrate it internally, Voucherify offers a robust API to enter, track, and redeem coupon codes from any source. Download a Sponsored Marketing Whitepaper:.

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